At some point around the end of 2004 we met for our first rehearsal, and without us noticing we were swept into an adventure of groove and brass that changed our lives. Since we set out to bring the music back to the streets, we’ve ventured through clubs, festivals, street parties, four CD’s and lots of crazy experiences. We’re still trying to figure out how all this happened.

So Marsh Dondurma is the pretty long name of our pretty big group (fifteen people last time we tried counting), and all the rest is a matter for your ears and hips.

So what kind of music do you play / make?

We mix traditional music from around the world with the heritage of Jazz and Funk. It’s not easy to describe our music, or the warm, big sound of trumpets, trombones, saxophones, a sousaphone and percussion playing together – if you really want to know what’s it all about you’ll have to come to one of our concerts (or at least visit our media page).

How do you gather so many musicians together?

Drummer Dotan Yogev gathered us all and leads us. When he decided to start a brass band he invited a few friends and asked around about people who might be interested in joining such a group. Those who came to the first rehearsal called their friends and from rehearsal to reheasal we grew bigger. Soon enough we became big enough.

What does Marsh Dondurma mean?

Our name is a play of words on the turkish “Maraş Dondurma” (literally – iceream from Maras). Dotan tasted it on a trip to Turkey a short time before starting the band. Maraş turned into Marsh to reffer to the marching tradition which influenced us. We know it’s hard to pronounce our name, or remember it, but we didn’t know we were going to use it so much when we picked it out…

When and where did you start to perform?

We started at the streets of Jerusalem. Our first concert took place at the Machane Yehuda open market in 2005. Later, we performed clubs in jerusalem and promoted our shows playing in the streets. Since then, we’ve enjoyed the privilege of performing in clubs and festivals around the world. Among others we brought our music to the Israel Festival, the Tel-Aviv Jazz Festival and the Shuni Jazz Festival, we performed abroad at the Guca festival in Serbia, the Montreal Jazz Festival, and visited New York city, China, Mexico, Russia and Taiwan. We still play street concerts and enjoy celebrating the important events of our band’s life by starting street parties. We celebrated our fourth birthday by playing on a boat floating on the Yarkon river and our fifth birthday creating a big flash mob dance at the center of jerusalem.

Who writes your music?

Many of us write original compositions or arrange traditional music for Marsh Dondurma. The many members of our band, with their different loves and musical influences, are an ever lasting source of materials, creating Dondurma’s sound, and lead to our development and constant change, documented on our three CD’s.

How can I get info about your next concerts?

Register to our online newsletter. We make it a habit of sending notices once a month or two.